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Sanitary Pressure Relief Valve

To prevent damage to the tank and ensure safe operation, the pressure relief valve protects the pressurized tank in the event of an overpressure event. It is designed for hygienic processes in the brewery, dairy, food and beverage industries.

Effective pressure relief

The pressure relief valve removes excess fluid that has created an overpressure in the tank due to overfilling. When the pressure in the tank exceeds a preset value, the pressure relief valve opens to discharge fluid when overfilling occurs and closes when the tank pressure returns to a safe level.

Easy to clean hygienic design

Few moving parts and a smooth, seam-free stainless steel surface make this valve easy to clean. When the valve is in the closed position, it is cleaned as part of the regular in-place cleaning cycle. For thorough cleaning of the valve seat, a pneumatic opener and splash guard are available as an option.


1.Cost-effective hygienic design

2.Superior hygiene

3.Customized to meet process requirements

4.Easy to clean

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