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Sanitary Scraved Safety Valve

Size A B C
DN15 15 G1/2” 290
DN25 25 G1 350
Technical parameters
  • working pressure: <6bar
  • control pressure range: 0.5-6bar
  • nominal diameter: DN25-DNIOO
  • seal shape: food rubber or metal
  • medium temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +120C.
  • working medium: liquid materials, gas
  • with a simple structure, beautiful shape, fast pressure regulation, easy maintenance
  • pressure control with adjustable, can be adjusted in the full range of arbitrary
  • the valve body material is made of stainless and acid steel, the surface is bright and clean, the seal is made of special food The product is made of special food rubber, the product conforms to the sanitary specification
  • installation should pay attention to the fluid input flow direction, not reverse input

The company produces a variety of forms of structure of the safety valve, pressure regulation, widely used in food, beverage, dairy products, beer and other industries structure

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary scraved safety valve, we specialize in sanitary valve for more than 15 years!


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