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Sanitary Sight Glass Weld End

Sanitary Sight Glass Weld End

Body Material Stainless Steel 304&316L
Glass Material Borosilicate glass tube
Rubber Material EPDM or Silicone
Working Pressure Max 6 bar
Working Temperature -10°C to 135°C (EPDM)

-10°C to 180°C (Silicone)

Size 1″ ~ 3″,4”, 5” & 6” (upon request)
Operation Standard DIN SMS ISO IDF RJT DSF



glass with Protection,Four-way sight glass,Union sight glass,Flanged sight glass available;Clamped, Threaded,Male, Flanged connection on request.


  • The straight through sight glass consists of stainless steel construction and glass.
  • In the food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fine industrial industries, the flow of materials can be clearly and precisely observed through it.
  • Size DN-25/1″ to 100/4
  • Through-hole design with self-locking nut attachment
  • 360°viewing angle
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s products are widely used in food process, milk process, beer brewage, biopharmacy.

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary sight glass weld end, we specialize in sanitary fittings for over 15 years!



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