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Sanitary Tri Clamp Strainers – Side Port & Inline


Tri Clamp strainers are used for filtration of solids from fluid process flows. The mesh is designed to be porous enough not to clog too easily, but still trap large solids from passing through. We carry two different styles of strainer (an inline strainer, and side inlet strainer), each with unique features making them applicable for various straining situations. It is recommended that a strainer be placed after a pump, as suction could damage the strainer core. Additionally, it is very important that a strainer be placed in the correct orientation so as to not blow out the mesh. The flow direction should always push the mesh against the perforated core so that the mesh is supported properly.

Side Inlet Strainers

Tri Clamp side inlet strainers work similar to inline strainers, but with one major difference. The side inlet strainer has a removable, perforated screen core which can be cleaned, serviced, or replaced without removing the strainer housing from entire system. This allows for a more permanent mounting of the strainer housing and ease of use. The recommended placement of the strainer is after a pump, as suction could damage the strainer core. The mesh is porous enough by design to keep out the large pieces of matter while not clogging too easily.

We are professional manufacturers of stanitary tri clamp strainers – side port & lnline, we specialize in sanitary fittings for over 15 years!

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