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Sanitary U Type Three Way Diaphragm Valve

Technical specifications:
SIZE 1/4″-3/4″, DN6-DN15
Maximum temperature  -30 to 150°C (depending on seal material) (stainless steel actuator).
Maximum temperature  -30 to 130°C (depending on seal material) (plastic actuator).
Maximum pressure:  8 bar for normally closed rubber, 6 bar for PTFE (optional)

Normally closed rubber 6 bar, PTFE 4.5 bar (standard)

Normally open and double acting rubber 8 bar, PTFE 6 bar

Forged valve body 1.4404/316L/1.4435 BN2
Cast valve body 1.4404/316L
Connection welding, clamp, flange, thread
Operating modes manual and pneumatic

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary U type three way diaphragm valve, we specialize in sanitary valves for more than 15 years!

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