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Sanitary Lobe Pump(V-inlet Pump)

Sanitary Lobe Pump (V-inlet Pump)

Flow rate per hour (displacement)(L/r) 1~80
Export pressure(Mpa) 0.1~1.0
Material 304&316L
Power(Kw) 0.55Kw~45
Motor brands ABB,Siemens,Domestic Brand Fangli Motors
Transmission method mechanical manual speed control,constant gear speed
Voltage frequency 210V~230V/50HZ



Medium foodstuffs





Viscosity(CP) 1~500000
Max temperature 150℃/302℉
Ingress and egress direction left in, right out

up in, down out

Rotor pattern one leaf rotor

two-leaf rotor

three leaf rotor

four to twelve leaf rotor

Connections clamp、unions、flange
Inlet and outlet dimensions 10~133


Model number GD15-1 GD25-3 GD40-5 GD50-10 GD65-20 GD80-40 GD100-60 GD125-80
Volume (L/r) 0.08 0.16 0.32 0.66 1.75 3.65 5.2 6.8
Rotational speed (r/min) 20~600 20~600 20~600 20~600 20~500 20~500 20~400 20~400
Flow rate (m³/h) 1 3 5 10 20 40 60 80
Pressure (Mpa) 0.1~1.0 0.1~1.0 0.1~1.0 0.1~1.0 0.1~1.0 0.1~1.0 0.1~1.0 0.1~1.0
Power (Kw) 0.55~1.5 1.5~22 2.2~4 2.2~7.5 3~15 5.5~22 7.5~37 11~45
Vacuum (Mpa) -0.02~-0.08 -0.02~-0.08 -0.02~-0.08 -0.02~-0.08 -0.02~-0.08 -0.02~-0.08 -0.02~-0.08 -0.02~-0.08
Viscosity range (cp) 1~500000 1~500000 1~500000 1~500000 1~500000 1~500000 1~500000 1~500000
Inlet and outlet diameter (mm) 25 38 51 63 76 89 101.6 133
Product  Description

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’ sanitary lobe pump (v-inlet pump) is a rotary positive displacement pump manufactured by The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION after decades of research and development, and the professional manufacturing technology and machining accuracy of the product reach the international advanced level.The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’ sanitary lobe pumps(v-inlet pump) are divided into five series: food grade, chemical grade, general type, oil field type and special type. The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION has 12 different rotor designs, each of which can be used interchangeably on the same pump.

Rotor  Description

1.One-lobe rotor: suitable for conveying medium containing large particles of material, the crushing rate of large particles of material is low, but its pulsation, low pressure, small volume, rarely used.

2.Two-leaf rotor: suitable for conveying medium containing small and medium particles of material, the crushing rate of small and medium particles of material is relatively low, slightly pulsating, the volume is smaller than the three-leaf rotor.

3.Three-leaf rotor: the general purpose rotor type, volume volume is larger than other types of rotor, each rotor has a smaller volume than the three-leaf rotor.The performance indexes are better than one-leaf and two-leaf rotors, but they have a certain crushing rate for granular materials in the process of conveying materials.

4.4 to 12 leaf rotor: When the rotor blade more than three leaves, its volume amount decreases because of the increase of the rotor blade, the more rotor blade, the less volume amount, multi-leaf rotor in conveying materials when the stability is relatively improved, but in the conveying process is easy to break the granular material.

Sealing  Description

A.Mechanical Sealing

B.Water-flush mechanical sealing

C.Oil-lubricating mechanical sealing

Materials:tungsten carbide,silicon carbide,graphite

D.Packing Sealing

Materials self-lubricating PTFE fiber

Product  Features

1.Gap is kept between the rotors and between the rotors and the pump body, no friction,long life.

2.Simple assembling and disassembling,easy to maintenance and clean,less easily-damaged parts.

3.High efficiency and energy-saving,low failure,reliable sealing and low noise.

4.With special material pump could be used for transporting solid granules, like sludge and sewage.

5.Capable to pump the viscous material below 2 million cp and pulp with the solid volum e of 60 %.

6.Equipped with frequency converter, flow can be adjusted at will and can be used as general measurement pump.

7.Flange,screw,or clamp connection can be selected by customer.

8.Capable of pumping mixture of gas,fluid,and solid materials.

9.Heating & cooling pump is of built-in structure,with well heat conductivity.

10.Movable type pumps can be used to pump canned medium,with vacuum of 0.08 Mpa.

11.Hygienic safety valves can be set at the pump head if customer required.


Consumer chemicals:

AES,LAS,AOS,K12,glycerol,sorbitol,fatty alcohol,bathing shampoo,skin cream,shampoo,detergent liquid,toothpaste soap,washing powder slurry,etc.

Refined Chemicals:

Dyestuffs,pigments,all kinds of pulp.chemical additives.adhesives,silicone oil,leather oil,a variety of colloidal materials,etc.

Food and Beverage:

Chocolate, concentrated milk, yoghourt, honey, syrup, cane sugar, tomato juice,concentrated juice,jam , ice cream,milk,yeast slurry,m eat slurry, jelly,condiment,lees,soybean protein, flour slurry,etc.

Paper making:

Polyacrylamide,calcium carbonate,starch paste,carboxyl starch paste,rosin,rosin size,paper pulp,filling,dry strength agent, wet strength agent,sizing agent, filtering agent,antifoaming agent,spreading,water treatment chemicals,etc.

Chemical fiber:

Pectic slurry,PVA,vinylon slurry,acrylic slurry,ammonia slurry,polyester slice,terylene,polypropylene fiber.rayon,functional fiber,etc.


Ointments,extractum,medicine latex,pill paste,syrup,healthcare products,drugs,etc.


Paint,dope,printing ink,insulating paint,resin,additives and assistants,organic solvent,etc.

We are professional manufacturers of sanitary lobe pump(v-inlet pump), we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!

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