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Self-priming Centrifugal Pump

Thanks to the choice of materials and their design, self-priming pumps are suitable for applications requiring a high degree of hygiene, gentle handling of the product and chemical resistance. The pump is particularly suitable for pumping liquids containing air or gas without losing its pumping capacity. It can be used in the food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Parts in contact with the product: 316L
Other steel parts: 304
Gasket in contact with the product: EPDM
Mechanical seal
Rotating parts: Silicon carbide (SiC)
Fixed parts: Carbon (C)
Gasket: EPDM
Surface treatment.
External: Matte
Internal: Brightness Ra <0,8μm
Connection: DIN , CLAMP, SMS (other connections available on request)

Working Principle

Self-priming pump that does not require a vacuum pump or other equipment such as foot valves or other piping.The pump only needs to be filled with liquid once before starting. When the pump turns on, it draws in the air or gas present in the suction tube and mixes it with the liquid in the pump body. Centrifugal force pushes the mixture of liquid and gas into the separator, where the velocity decreases. Due to gravity, the liquid remains at the bottom of the separator tank and is driven back into the pump body through the return tube, while the air or gas is released through the discharge tube. In this way, air or gas is continuously discharged from the suction tube until the liquid reaches the pump body and the pump starts to work like a normal centrifugal pump. It is very important that the suction air is released through the discharge pipe without any back pressure. It is not recommended to reduce the hydraulic performance of the pump by adjusting the impeller size or reducing the speed by means of a frequency converter, as this will negatively affect the suction capacity of the pump.

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