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Single Microporous Membrane Filtration Assembly for Water and Air

Single pore microporous membrane filtration

Single microporous membrane filtration assembly is all stainless steel design, filter housing material can be 304, 316L, etc. The filtration structure is filtered by folded microporous membrane, the box material can be PTFE, PP, polysulfone, nylon, CA, etc. The single microporous membrane filtration can filter liquids, gases, particles above 0.1um and bacteria.

Membrane Filters

Membrane filters are microporous plastic membranes with specific pore size ratings. Membranes, also known as screens, sieves or microporous filters, retain particles or microorganisms larger than the pore size primarily through surface capture. Some particles smaller than the stated pore size can be retained by other mechanisms.


1.All stainless steel design of filter housing and holder
2.High filtration accuracy
3.High filtration speed
4.Low adsorption
5.No dielectric loss, no leakage
6.Acid and corrosion resistant
7.Easy to clean
8.With backflush function

How to Installing

1. Thoroughly clean the filter and filter connection parts, and properly install the filter and housing.

2. First check that the pump is clockwise before turning it on, check that it is tight and that the valve is closed.

3. Open the trunk slowly by venting before the first intake valve, then open the valve for normal filtration.

4. If the filter pressure difference is detected to be greater than 0.1Mpa or the flow rate drops significantly, it indicates that the holes of the filter are blocked, and it is most recommended to clean or replace the filter.


The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s single microporous membrane filtration assembly for water and air used in food, wine, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries tank equipment.

We are professional manufacturers of single microporous membrane filtration assembly for water and air, we specialize in tank equipments for over 15 years!

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