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Single-seat Dual-sealing Forging Mixing Proof Valve

Single-seat dual-sealing forging mixing proof valve, in the intelligent automation process centralized control play a very important role in the international industry mainstream , the body are used in the original a, by CNC, machining center precision turning molding process, we focus on single-seated double-sealed anti-mixing valve technology to enhance the world of international mainstream high-end valve technology well into the original steel forging manufacturing process, with a very strong steel, temperature role to withstand higher acid and alkali, the valve’s key accessories seal the whole set of imports, so that the door more long and stable operation in the process pipeline, is now a large number of domestic such as dairy products, wine, beverages, spices, biological fermentation and other industries use.


Product weted steel parts:316L or 304

Surface treatment: sandtiasting mate

Other steel structae parts: 304

Valve stemchrome plated reinforced stainless steel 316L or 304 on vave stem surface

Sealng matenial for contact parts with materials ethylene propylenedere monomer(EPDM)

Sealing matenial for other perts nitrie nubberi(NGR)

Technical Parameter

Product pressure: 0-8 bar

Temperature range: -10℃- +95℃

Air pressure 4-8 bar


1.Fully upgraded forged full valve body.

2.External CIP cleaning connection pipe.

3.The up and down valve seats can be formed to achieve valve array multi-valve connection.

Working Principle

We are professional manufacturers of single-seated double-sealed anti-mixing valve, we specialize in sanitary mix proof valve for more than 15 years!


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