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Single-stage Emulsification Homogenization Pump

The single-stage emulsification homogenization pump consisting of stator and rotor. The treated material will be dispersed, sheared, refined, crushed, emulsified and mixed through 6-10 layers of rotor and stator. homogenization, etc. Compared with the traditional production process, the pump is simpler, more convenient and more optimized, it improves the production efficiency and quality of the material to be treated. Mainly used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health care, fine chemicals, coatings, pesticides, daily washing, paper and other industrial fields.

Maximum flow rate Max Flow rate: 50m3/h
Maximum power Max power :55KW
Maximum temperature Max temperature: -20 ° C to 140 ° C
Material refinement Media refinement: ≤ 60 GRIT (≈ 300μm) ≤60 mesh (about 300μm)
Material: 304 /316L, 1.431/1.4404, ASME BPE 316L, 1.4435 NB2 Fe≤0.5%
Surface treatment: ≤ Ra0.8μm, ≤ Ra0.6μm, ≤ Ra0.4μm
Machine seal: single seal and double seal
Inlet/Outlet Connection: Thread, Clamp, Flange, Aseptic Flange

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