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Stainless Steel Duplex Filter Assemblies

The stainless steel duplex filter assemblies includes a sanitary filter, elbow, tee, clover clip, gasket and sanitary butterfly valve. The two filters of the duplex filter assembly can be used interchangeably and can be used to renew cartridges and clean equipment. Line. Suitable for long-term continuous production, reducing production costs and improving efficiency.

Size 1″ ~4″
Material 304, 316L
Structure Dual Filter Combination
Mesh Number 150, 200, 240 320, 400 or on request.
Seal Material PTFE, EPDM, Silicone, FPM etc.
Connection Threaded, Butt-welded, Clamped
Standard 3A, DIN, SMS, DS, ISO, BPF, ISO, IDF etc.
Application Food, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Fine chemical, Cosmetic etc.

Size DxT A B
DN25 28*1.5 305 570
DN32 34*1.5 320 525
DN40 40*1.5 365 600
DN50 52*1.5 420 590
DN65 70*2.0 455 650
DN80 85*2.2 555 710
DN100 104*2.0 560 775

The INOXCN GROUP CORPORATION’s stainless steel duplex filter assemblies mainly used in food, wine, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries tank equipment.

We are professional manufacturers of stainless steel duplex filter assemblies, we specialize in tank equipments for over 15 years!

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