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Sterilization Tank Safe Respiration Valve

Aseptic tank safety breathing valve is often used in low temperature fermentation of food and storage tanks that require positive and negative pressure protection, especially in the process of low temperature fermented dairy products. The tank needs to maintain a sterile environment to prevent bacterial contamination, using positive pressure The clean air protects the materials and bacteria in the storage tank to prevent the unclean air outside the tank from entering the pollutant inside the tankIn addition, most of the hygienic storage tanks are thin-wallec structures, non-pressure-bearing containers, the tank can only withstand a small positive pressure and negative pressure especially in the strong state of slightly positive pressure, the spring-type safety valve is used for precise adjustment. With certain difficulty, Shanghai Yuanan has adopted a counterweight structure type positive pressure valve in the micro-positive pressure stage through technical updates, which is safe, stable simple and maintenance-free.

Technical Parameter

1.Valve body and material contact part: 304 or 316L.

2.Positive pressure part: gravity type, 304 stainless steel weight, adjustable spring.

3.Negative pressure part: gravity type, 316L spool weigh.

4.Surface treatment sandblasting.

5.Sealing ring: EPDM.

6.Optional: silicone rubber (Q) and fluorine rubber (FKM)

7.Working temperature: 4°C-95℃

8.Counterweight positive shart pressure: 0. 02bar-0 2bar

9.Spring type positive shart pressure: 0. 02bar-1bar

10.Negative shart pressure: 0. 02barSpecifications: DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250,DN300, DN350, DN400


1.Gravity positive pressure opening, spring type positive pressure opening optional

2.Thermal shock during normal cleaning will not affect the normal closing of the valv

3.Standard comes with CIP cleaning device

4.Standard comes with sterile air pressure-retaining interfaceValve design self-drainina net function

5.Positive pressure valve and negative pressure valve can be selected to oper pneumatically

6.Optional insulation heating device

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