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Tri Clamp to JIC Adapters / Manifolds

JIC Cone Adapters

The Tri Clamp to JIC cone adapter has a significant advantage over its flat-faced counter part by using a tapered face to guide liquids down towards the JIC fitting, reducing turbulence, drag, and most importantly to prevent any kind of pooling.

Tri Clamp x JIC Manifolds

Tri Clamp to JIC manifolds distribute liquid medium to several hoses at once, or conversely, can collect from multiple sources into one receptacle. While a similar manifold can be accomplished using Tees and Crosses, the additional fittings need to bring these together makes it a less economical solution than a simple one-piece manifold. Additional FJIC ball valves can be added to control the distribution or collection process.

Joint Industry Council (JIC) Fittings

JIC fittings are widely used in fluid applications such as the delivery of fuel or hydraulics, especially when a higher PSI is involved. The JIC fitting uses its 37-degree chamfer seating surface to seal rather than an o-ring that could corrode. This allows them to be connected and disconnected repeatedly, such as hydraulic applications, without concern for deformation.

Advantages of JIC fittings

JIC fittings are very similar to Army-Navy fittings but with a lower tolerance and therefore are produced at a lower cost. Commonly made out of stainless steel, the hoses makes connecting and disconnecting quick and easy, and the NPT to JIC adapters allow most connections to be easily converted to a JIC system. Maintenance, particularly with stainless steel fittings is very low, and costs are usually isolated to a replacing a damaged component instead of the entire system.

We are professional manufacturers of tri clamp to JIC adapters / manifolds, we specialize in sanitary fittings for over 15 years!

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