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Ultrafiltration centrifugal pump

It is designed and developed by our company, especially suitable for ultra-filtration system, characterized by thickened forging of stainless steel, high strength, good rigidity, smooth surface, no fine pores, optimized design of pump cavity flow channel according to the principle of fluid dynamics, to ensure smooth, soft and smooth material conveying, minimize the heating effect on the material, to ensure the work of the system is efficient and stable, and good gas resistance. The shaft of the system we use special stainless steel, high hardness, good strength, good corrosion resistance, mechanical seal using the classic built-in design. Stable. The impeller adopts the open design,

Technical Parameter

Applicable industries: Food, Beverage, Juice, Biological,Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Fructose, Wine, Vinegar,Soy sauce, Daily chemicals, Water treatment ,etc.

Working conditions: Flow rate: ≤400mh Head: ≤80m.

Maximum temperature resistance: 180 °C (requires a water cooling room)

Mechanical seal: Single seal or Double mechanical seal with cooling water (silicone carbide/graphite silicone carbide/silicone carbide, carbide/cemented carbide).

Type of inlet and outlet: Union, Tri-clamp. Flange (see pump connection method for details).

Material: 304, 316L

Seal: EPDM, fluoro rubber, silicone rubber, nitrile rubber, etc

Motor and Supporting foot: General, Frequency, Explosion-proof (voltage, speed, frequency optional), stainless steel adjustable supporting foot with insulation damping slice

High lift design is especially suitable for the ultrafitration system

Material for pump body: 304,316L

Qutlet pressure:≤8bar

ObarMotor power: 75kw-90kw

Rotational speed: 2900r/min

We are professional manufacturers of Ultrafiltration centrifugal pump, we specialize in sanitary pumps for more than 15 years!


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