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Valve control unit

The valve control unit is a straight-stroke pneumatic valve control unit designed for valve process control. It is compatible with most PLC (programmable logic controller) automation systems with digital communication or bus communication (AS- I BUS). Including position feedback output, two-stage LED light display, anti-leak function, valve opening and closing control, etc., used to control all types of process valves. It can be installed on various pneumatic valves, such as pneumatic butterfly valves, ball valves, diaphragm valves, angle seat valves, globe valves, reversing valves, etc.

Control input: PNP DC 24V
Feedback Output : PNP DC 24V & 4-20mA
Power supply : DC24V ± 10%
Bus communication : AS-I-BUS
Accuracy: repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 0.5mm;
Setting: One-button auto-tuning function
Operating mode: automatic & manual
Leak prevention diagnostic function
Display: two-segment lamp color
Open: green / red
Close: red / green
Stroke range: 0-30mm

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