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Valve Positioner Mini

It is a straight-stroke pneumatic valve positioner that can be installed on various pneumatic valves, such as pneumatic ball valves, globe valves, and pneumatic diaphragm valves. After installing the positioner, it can realize valve flow adjustment, automatic control, and valve position display. The product has good appearance, small size, simple and convenient installation, and can be operated and debugged without professionals.

  • Supply voltage: DC24V±10%
  • Control input: 0-5V/10V; 4-20mA
  • Feedback output: 0-5V/10V; 4-20m
  • Accuracy: Repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 0.2%;
  • Menu: OLED display Chinese & English
  • Tuning: one-button auto tuning function
  • Operation mode: manual / automatic
  • Malfunction: cut off gas, cut off power, automatic valve position reset (standard)
  • Stroke range: 0-30mm, 0-60mm

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