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Vertical Agitator D Type

The mixers come with direct-drive vertical stirrers. They can be used in mixing, dissolving, dispersing and maintenance processes requiring high speed agitation, as well as in the food processing, cosmetic and chemical industries, where the right surface treatment agent is selected in each case. Suitable for tanks with capacities up to 10,000 liters, usually with low viscosity products.


Parts in contact with the product: 316L
Retaining ring: NBR
Bearing support aluminum base
Surface treatment (except serrated propeller) :Ra≤0.8μm

Working Principle

The churn is typically installed off-center to prevent product rotation, but can also be centered in conjunction with a box deflection baffle. The rotating propeller pushes the product toward the bottom of the tank, where it turns, thereby creating an upward flow along the tank walls, which allows the product to reach the surface of the liquid. This effect can be enhanced if the bottom of the tank is rounded.

Design and Functionality
  • Vertical stirrer.
  • Sealing by retainer.
  • Bearing support.
  • The propeller is mounted and fixed to the shaft and the shaft is fixed to the half-shaft head by means of
  • hexagonal bolts; for serrated propellers, a one-piece shaft is used.
  • Motor IEC B5, 4-pole, IP55, class F insulation.
  • Maximum power 5.5 kW.
  • Marine propellers (Type 10).

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