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Vertical Agitator A Type

Vertical mixers with worm gear motors. They can be used in mixing, dissolving and maintenance processes where light to medium mixing is required. The mixers are designed for the food processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and offer the most suitable surface treatment for each industry.Vertical mixers are available for medium to high viscosity products with capacities up to 10.000 L.


Parts in contact with the product: AISI 316
Lip seal: NBR
Gearbox: Aluminum
Surface finish: Ra <0.8μm

Working Principle

Said agitator is mounted inside the tank in either a centered current deflector (spacer), or offset so that its own position prevents rotation of said mixed product. The rotation of the propeller causes the fluid to flow along the walls of the tank to the bottom and then to the surface of the product. The effect is enhanced if the bottom of the tank is curved.

Design and Functionality
  • Vertical agitator.
  • Sealing: splash ring and lip seal.
  • Propeller fixed to the shaft by hexagonal screws.
  • Worm gear motors with smooth surface and food grade oil.
  • IEC, IP55, class F insulation.
  • Propeller with 4 inclined blades (T11).

We are professional manufacturers of vertical agitator a type, we specialize in tank equipment for more than 15 years!


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