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Vertical Mixer

High shear vertical mixers provide solutions for the dispersion, emulsification, homogenization and disintegration processes of solids in a variety of products in the food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. These mixers are designed to work at atmospheric pressure and with products of high or low viscosity. If the application involves highly viscous media, it is recommended that the mixer be used in conjunction with an anchor mixer.


Parts in contact with the product: 316L
Guide bushing: PTFE
V-ring: NBR

Working Principle

The high speed and adjustable tolerances between the rotor and the stator result in a high suction potential where the product is drawn from the bottom of the tank and driven to the center of the press head. The product is suctioned from the lower part of the head and the rotor pushes it radially. The product is mechanically sheared through the opening in the stator. The particles are sheared by the rotor at a speed of 20 m / s. Finally, the stator is made to pass through the slot slit at high speed while the hydraulic shearing of the hydraulic product is performed. At the same time, the product returns to the working head, ensuring a mixing circle and generating a strong circulation in the tank. The combination of vertical suction and radial thrust results in a circulating flow. If the size and power of the mixer if chosen correctly, the tank contains components that pass through the working head hundreds of times, thus promoting a progressively homogenous homogenization. Other important features are the possibility of minimizing product aeration.

Design and Functionality
  • High shear, particle size reduction to less than 100 microns.
  • V-ring.
  • Slotted head (standard).
  • Stator and bushing can be replaced without disassembling the mixer.
  • Various types of interchangeable heads.

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