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Vortex Mixmate

The vortex mixmate is a high quality, harsh chemical mixing barrel for tough industrial applications. It is designed and built for safe, rapid, homogeneous mixing and dispensing of small batches of hazardous liquids.The vortex mixmate consists of a 100-gallon stainless steel drum with a table and a protective baffle designed to greatly reduce the risk of liquid back splash during mixing. It has a stainless steel lockable hinged safety lid with viewing window. The unit has a 1.5-inch inlet and outlet with stainless steel ball valves, a 3-inch overflow and a stainless steel turbine impeller and shaft driven by a four horsepower motor. The entire assembly is neatly packaged and mounted on a stainless steel non-slip base and table support legs.

Benefits of using vortex mixmate technology

Highly corrosive substances such as caustic soda, caustic potash and soda ash are added to drilling mud as additives to help maintain a high fluid pH range. Additives are typically supplied in bagged form as powders or pellets and are mixed directly with fresh water at the drilling site to produce a highly concentrated solution that is then added to the drilling mud. The mixing of caustic soda and soda ash with water is exothermic and results in a pyrophoric reaction. As a result, if not mixed with care, the resulting solution is hot, strongly alkaline, and corrosive and can easily burn skin and eyes. It is estimated that oilfield workers handle between 15 and 1.8 million bags of caustic soda per year, and handling and mixing these mud components can cause injury. Vortex Mix is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the corrosive nature associated with these additives. It is designed to provide fast, consistent and uniform mixing and distribution of drilling mud solutions while preventing accidental exposure.


1.Simple, safe and robust design
2.High quality materials
3.Low maintenance
4.Easy dispensing of mixed solutions
5.Easy integration with Alfa Laval vortex shear mixers

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