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Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders

The screen is suitable for angular filtration, straight filters and Y-filters in food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and some chemical industries. It is widely used to pre-filter liquids with solids in sizes even smaller than perforated plates.

Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders

Materials 316
Gaskets EPDM
External surface finish Electropolish
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • High abrasion resistance and vibration resistance.
  • Can withstand greater pressure and temperature than multi-hole plate screens.
  • Longer screen life.
  • Larger than standard
  • Perforated plate screens have a larger usable area.
Working Principle

It consists of a V-shaped profile precisely welded to the cross support bar, which controls the distance between the V-shaped profiles. This distance is the opening of the slot.

We are professional manufacturers of wedge wire screen cylinders, we specialize in tank equipment for more than 15 years!

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