Supply Chain Control Management

I am in stainless steel line more than 20 years,nowadays,I find the Supply Chain Control Management is becoming more and more important in the exporting business!

We don’t establish the factories by ourselves,we choose and select suitable factories to be our suppliers,then we invest these selected suppliers to our long cooperation partners.

Because we invest money (normally 30% share holder) in our suppliers,so we have the same target with our suppliers.And we have advantage in communicate with foreign customers,our suppliers are expert in producing,so it’s a very good team work!

We also help our suppliers to improve their producing process and quality control process,instill the values to them that Satisfy Customers Requirements is our same target!

So our suppliers improved a lot for the details and quality control parts.We also help our suppliers to control the quality for their raw material suppliers like forging suppliers,gasket suppliers.Every product we use two fixed suppliers to keep the quality stable and control the delivery in time.

I think one good customer is not only focus on the product price,also need calculate the Total Purchase Cost and after sale service,it’s a supply chain.

If you still struggle the quality,lead time and packing details with your suppliers,always worry about receive not qualified products and poorly after sale service,no one answer your email and call after your payment.

I think we will be your potential supplier and best PLAN B.

Inoxcn Group Corporation focus on stainless steel more than 15 year!

There are too many different level suppliers in stainless steel line in China,if you think it’s too difficult to find the correct one,just contact us,if the person is correct,the product is also correct,everything will be easy!

Awaiting your

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