Things you should know about chocolate pumps

In physics, viscosity is a measure of how thick or thin a fluid is. In the world of pumps, we think of it as a measure of the resistance to fluid flow.If the liquid is in the “viscous” range (e.g. molasses, syrup or glycerin), the pump selection must take into account the viscosity factor to ensure an unobstructed flow of product.

Regardless of what is used, the goal is to maintain flow efficiency through continuous movement of the product. With viscous liquids, this is a challenge because efficiency tends to decrease as viscosity increases. In addition, viscosity changes and shifts as it is pumped through the system, which affects flow rates and other measurements.

There are many challenges in mixing and delivering chocolate:Due to the nature of chocolate, the temperature is particularly important during the mixing process.INOXCN GROUP Corporation’s lobe pump with heat jacket is the perfect solution to this problem.Keeping the temperature in the right zone during the mixing process will reduce lobe pump losses while maintaining the deliciousness of the chocolate.Due to the presence of abrasive particles in the chocolate, hard bushings should be used. If hard holder bushings are used, the shaft should also be made of hard material.

Since slow-moving liquids (such as chocolate) tend to collect behind the rotor under pressure and may solidify. To prevent the product from stagnating behind the rotor, INOXCN GROUP Corporation uses grooves that can be used to create an internal circulation path for the liquid.

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