Why pump impellor need balance testing?

As an professional sanitary pump manufacturer,we specialize in sanitary pump more than 20 years!

The pump impellor balance testing the one of the key point to control the pump quality,because the pump RPM is 2950/50hz and 3450/60hz,the speed is very quick.So a very small default on the impellor will let it touch the pump case inside to make a friction,it will destroy the pump case inside directly.

So every impellor of our pump need do balance testing before assembling.The testing result will effect the pump quality directly.

And if you disassemble the pump,take the impellor from the shaft,you need do the balance testing for the impellor again when your assembling.

If you want to buy the Sanitary Centrifugal Pump,Sanitary Self-Priming Pump or Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump from China,it’s very import for you to check the supplier’s impellor testing equipment and procedure,it will mostly connect to the pump quality!

We are pump expert from China!

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